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gold ring with moonstone center

The moonstone is one of the most beautiful gemstones and symbolizes divine femininity. Originally believed to be frozen moonlight, moonstones are incredibly calming crystals that connect to the Third Eye, Solar Plexus, and Heart chakras.

Moonstones are most recognized for having a transparent, milky appearance, though not all moonstones appear this way. These gemstones come in a variety of colors, each one meaning something different.

Moonstones are revered among monks, shamans, and other spiritualists across many cultures. In Ancient Rome, moonstones were used to illuminate and protect roads at night. In the Hindu religion, Ganesh, god of the moon, has a moonstone embedded in his forehead.

Part of the most common mineral group on the planet, moonstones are relatively affordable. From fighting insomnia to increasing fertility, the list of the moonstone’s helpful properties seems to hold no bounds. 


beautiful moonstone gemstone on gold chain

Moonstones are part of the feldspar group of minerals alongside other gemstones such as labradorite, amazonite, and sunstone. Feldspars make up about 60% of the Earth’s crust and are believed to harness creativity. 

Feldspar gemstones are said to inspire us with new and exciting ways to solve problems. Often collected for their beauty, feldspars like moonstone can realign our chakras and improve our self-esteem. The average moonstone falls between 6.0 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale, which measures its toughness. This score denotes its poor hardness.

In Feng Shui tradition, the moon symbolizes feminine energy. The cycle of the moon impacts all things in nature but impacts the moonstone directly. According to many traditions and beliefs, the moonstone absorbs the feminine energies of the moon. 

Moonstones are found in deposits in Switzerland, Armenia, Australia, Mexico, Norway, the United States, Poland, India, Sri Lanka, and many other places across the globe and across history. These beautiful stones date back to before the Ancient Romans.

From gray to peach, moonstones come in various natural colors. What properties an individual moonstone carries often depends on its pigmentation. Blue is among one of the most naturally beautiful moonstones, largely in part due to its adularescence. Adularescence, also called “shiller,” appears as a creamy glow within certain gemstones, particularly moonstones.

different shaped moonstones on a wooden table

Below are some of the most notable moonstone color interpretations:

  • Blue Moonstone: Healing energy; enhances focus; strong femininity.
  • Green Moonstone: Calm energies; helps us learn to love ourselves; connects to the Heart chakra.
  • Peach Moonstone: Strong positive energy; enhances the best in ourselves; guides us to what makes us happy.
  • Rainbow Moonstone: Soothing energy; helps channel positive emotions; technically labradorite.
  • Silver Moonstone: Confident and calm energies; helps relationships; “Stone of the New Moon.”
  • White Moonstone: Enhances psychic perception and dreams; draws energy from the new moon.


The calming benefits of the moonstone are perhaps its most impactful properties. Moonstones are particularly useful at helping you fall (and stay) asleep. Those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders have found it easier to fall asleep with a moonstone by their bedside. People who suffer from sleepwalking have found they’re more likely to stay in bed when using a moonstone.

A highly feminine stone, the moonstone is also effective with calming children in every step of the parenting process. Moonstones may help relieve pain during pregnancy and childbirth. Parents have found moonstones to be an effective way to help their overwhelmed children calm down.

In ancient Tibetan culture, moonstones were used as medicines for anxiety attacks and other mental health problems. Peach gemstones are great at calming our minds and pushing out negative energy.

When left bedside or under your pillow, white and rainbow moonstones are particularly great at calming your mind enough to lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is being so aware of your dreams that you can directly impact and change what you’re dreaming.


moonstone necklace on wood table

Moonstones are particularly useful for improving our emotional balance and aligning our chakras. Many people use moonstones to calm themselves, endure pain, and focus on what’s important. 

Moonstones help us be more open-minded and in tune with our feelings. Rising anger and other powerful emotions can be easily spotted and nipped before growing out of control. Moonstones are said to connect us better to others. They encourage us to show vulnerability and ask for help — a usually terrifying task.

The moonstone is often called the “Stone of Lovers,” capable of helping us through all relationships. People struggling in their friendships often use moonstones to realign their emotions. Silver moonstones are said to help us see the future of friendships and relationships.

Moonstones are also great for erotic love, particularly silver moonstones. Moonstones increase passion and sensuality, which can improve bedroom activities.


Moonstones are believed to have a positive impact on our physical health, as well. Like alexandrite and certain other crystals, moonstones help regulate our blood flow. Moonstones help our subconscious notice if part of our body isn’t receiving enough blood and make changes to the bloodstream as necessary.

Moonstones’ healing properties help against nosebleeds, headaches, sunstroke, and epilepsy. These gemstones are also believed to help with the menstruation cycle and increase fertility.

With a direct effect on our bloodstream, moonstones are said to channel endorphins and other hormones to heighten or lower our mood as needed. This property helps deflect against anxiety attacks, depression, and other mental ailments.

Those under the Cancer zodiac sign may experience more significant healing properties from moonstones than others. Cancer connects to the moon, implying moonstones and those under Cancer draw their energies from the same source.


Moonstone necklace with silver chain

Despite being a feminine stone, gemstones carry both feminine and masculine energy. Moonstones can work just as well for men as they do for women, but often in different ways. For example, moonstones are particularly useful among men at calming rising anger and releasing tension.

The moonstone connects to three chakras: Heart, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye. Green moonstones connect to Heart, the green chakra. Green moonstones are often worn as necklaces to be in the center of our chest and enhance our psychic abilities.

All moonstones connect to the Solar Plexus chakra, which helps with self-awareness and self-confidence. To maximize this chakra, place a moonstone to your upper abdomen.

Though technically labradorite, rainbow moonstones connect to the Third Eye chakra. Rainbow moonstones help put your life into perspective and, as mentioned earlier, are perfect for lucid dreaming.


In Ancient Rome, the moonstone was often called the “Traveler’s Stone.” Their name for the moonstone, “Aphroselene,” was derived from the goddesses of love and the moon, Aphrodite and Selene, respectively. 

Aphroselene necklaces would protect the wearer on their journeys and were particularly popular among sailors. Today, moonstone jewelry is still believed to protect the wearer, be it through travel, child delivery, or a troubling time.

Moonstones are better protectors at night. Under the lunar energy of the moon, all travels guided by a moonstone talisman should end without tragedy. The moonstone’s adularescent ability to retain light reinforced the belief in this property.


925 Sterling Silver earrings with Natural Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone

Moonstones are said to connect directly to the bloodstream. For women, in particular, this property positively impacts the hormone system and may ease the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause.

Moonstones are often called “the fertility crystal.” Its feminine energy is believed to have a direct impact on conception and the entire pregnancy process. Moonstones are extra efficient for fertility and conception on full moon nights.

Via the moon’s lunar energy, moonstones connect to the feminine yin more than the masculine yang. Yin is significantly more passive, and resolutions are encouraged to be resolved calmly rather than aggressively.

The moonstone is representative of divine femininity. The cycle of the moon reminds us that everything is in change, reminding us to be empathetic and gentle towards others. 

Just because the moonstone carries feminine energy, it does not mean it excludes masculine energy. Yin and yang must be fluid to have emotional balance. Likewise, the moonstone helps one balance their male energy with their female energy.


Moonstones are stunning crystals to look at, but they’re more than just pleasant for the eyes. Their inner beauty has incited curiosity among geologists, spiritualists, and collectors for thousands of years.

The lunar energy of moonstones offers seemingly limitless effects. They help us focus on positive endeavors, improve psychic abilities, bring about emotional balance, and help with lucid dreaming.

What type of moonstone you invest in may depend on what you are looking for in your life. For example, if you want to improve your self-love via the Heart chakra, we’d recommend investing in a green moonstone necklace. If you want a gemstone to help improve your psychic perception, white moonstone earrings may be right for you.

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