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Diamond Accent Rose Gold Beaded Bracelet

$ 3,015

Add a touch of elegance to your look with our Diamond Accent Rose Gold Beaded Bracelet. Crafted from luxurious rose gold and adorned with three perfectly spaced round diamond clusters, this bracelet is a modern take on a classic design. Whether worn alone for a minimalist look or stacked with other bracelets for added impact, it’s sure to become a staple piece in your jewelry collection.


  • Material: Rose Gold
  • Weight: 7.70 grams
  • Total Diamond Weight: 0.43 Ct. (g, vs) / 0.22 Ct (g, vs)


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Subtle Charm | Diamond Accent Rose Gold Beaded Bracelet

Our Rose Gold Beaded Bracelet is a modern interpretation of a timeless classic. Crafted from high-quality rose gold, it features a delicate beaded design that adds texture and dimension to the piece. The three round diamond clusters spaced evenly along the bracelet add a touch of sparkle and sophistication.

Sparkling Diamond Detail

The centerpiece of our bracelet is the round diamond clusters, totaling 0.43 carats and 0.22 carats respectively. Each diamond is meticulously selected for its exceptional quality, with a clarity grade of VS and a color grade of G, ensuring maximum brilliance and sparkle.

Versatile Styling

Whether worn on its own as a statement piece or layered with other bracelets for a more eclectic look, our Diamond Accent Rose Gold Beaded Bracelet is incredibly versatile. Its sleek and sophisticated design pairs effortlessly with any outfit, from casual to formal.

Experience Luxury with Lexie Jordan Jewelry

At Lexie Jordan Jewelry, we’re committed to providing our customers with exquisite pieces that embody luxury and sophistication. Our Diamond Accent Rose Gold Beaded Bracelet is no exception, offering unmatched quality and style that you’ll cherish for years to come.


Is this bracelet suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, our Rose Gold Beaded Bracelet is crafted from durable materials and designed to withstand daily wear while still maintaining its luxurious appearance.

How should I care for my diamond bracelet?

To keep your bracelet looking its best, we recommend cleaning it regularly with a soft brush and mild soap to remove any dirt or debris. Additionally, store it in a jewelry box when not in use to prevent scratches and damage.

Is this bracelet hypoallergenic?

Our bracelet is made from rose gold, which is known for its hypoallergenic properties, making it suitable for sensitive skin. However, if you have specific allergies, we recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before wearing.

Can I customize the length of the bracelet?

Our bracelet comes in a standard length. If you require a custom length, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to accommodate your request.

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