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Pear Shaped Diamond Gold Link Bracelet

$ 1,960

Sparkle in style with our Pear-Shaped Diamond Gold Link Bracelet. Crafted from solid 14K gold, adorned with natural white diamonds, this bracelet is perfect for setting yourself apart.


  • Material: Solid 14K gold
  • Weight: 6.35 grams
  • Diamonds: 0.20 carat pear-shaped, H SI quality
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Gold Link Bracelet with Pear-Shaped Diamond

Elevate your elegance with our Pear Shaped Diamond Gold Link Bracelet. Crafted to perfection with solid 14K gold, this bracelet features a stunning pear-shaped diamond centerpiece, radiating natural sparkle and brightness.

Material and Diamond Details

Immerse yourself in luxury with our solid 14K gold link bracelet, accentuated by a beautiful pear-shaped diamond. Each diamond is carefully selected for its natural white sparkle, ensuring brilliance and sophistication.


Our Pear-Shaped Diamond Gold Link Bracelet weighs 6.35 grams and boasts a dazzling 0.20 carat pear-shaped diamond of H SI quality.


What makes this bracelet special?

Our Pear-Shaped Diamond Gold Link Bracelet stands out for its exquisite combination of solid 14K gold and a stunning pear-shaped diamond centerpiece. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this bracelet exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a truly special piece of jewelry.

Can I customize the bracelet with different diamond sizes?

Yes, we offer customization options to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a larger or smaller diamond, our team can work with you to create a bracelet that meets your exact specifications. Contact us for more information on customization options.

How should I care for my diamond gold link bracelet?

To maintain the beauty and shine of your Pear-Shaped Diamond Gold Link Bracelet, we recommend cleaning it regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth and mild soap. Avoid exposing the bracelet to harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, and store it in a separate jewelry box to prevent scratching.

Is this bracelet suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, our Pear-Shaped Diamond Gold Link Bracelet is designed to be worn and enjoyed every day. Its durable construction and secure clasp ensure that it can withstand daily wear while still maintaining its elegance and charm. However, we recommend removing the bracelet before engaging in activities such as swimming or exercising to prevent damage.


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