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White Gold Bracelet Featuring Round and Emerald Cut Diamonds

$ 9,250

The White Gold Bracelet Featuring Round and Emerald-Cut Diamonds offers timeless elegance. Delicate beads shimmer with round and emerald-cut diamonds, crafted in luxurious 18kt white gold.


  • Material: 18kt White Gold
  • Design: Beaded
  • Diamond Cuts: Round, Emerald
  • Weight: 18.02 gram
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Timeless Elegance – White Gold Bracelet with Round and Emerald-Cut Diamonds

This exquisite bracelet showcases the brilliance of diamonds in a captivating design. Crafted in gleaming 18kt white gold, the White Gold Bracelet  features a delicate beaded chain adorned with sparkling round and emerald-cut diamond.

Mesmerizing Diamond Display

The bracelet boasts a captivating display of diamonds in two distinct cuts. Round diamonds offer classic brilliance, while emerald-cut diamonds add a touch of modern sophistication. The combination of these cuts creates a stunning play of light and fire, ensuring this bracelet becomes a treasured piece in your collection.

18kt White Gold – Luxury You Can Feel

This bracelet is meticulously crafted from 18kt white gold, renowned for its strength, durability, and luxurious feel. The white gold beautifully complements the sparkle of the diamonds, creating a timeless and elegant look.

A Touch of Luxury for Every Occasion

This versatile bracelet is perfect for elevating your everyday look or adding a touch of glamour to a special occasion. The delicate design allows it to be layered with other bracelets for a personalized touch.


What is the carat weight of the diamonds?

The total carat weight of the diamonds in this bracelet is 0.47 ct.

What is the color and clarity of the diamonds?

The diamonds are G color (near colorless) and VS clarity (very slightly included).

Is this bracelet adjustable?

No, this bracelet is not adjustable. However, we offer it in a variety of lengths to ensure a perfect fit.

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